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Christian Worker Faces Discriminatory Attitude in Faisalabad



Faisalabad: A Christian worker working in Government MC Girls’ High School, Partap Nagar faces discrimination on the basis of religion.

Qaisar Jahan who was employed to provide water for school students is now being forced by the school’s headmistress to work as a sweeper. Jahan told a local newspaper, “I was employed as waterman but the headmistress later told me that I cannot do this job because I am Christian.”

He further went on to say that the headmistress of the school told him to work as a sweeper if he wanted to keep his job.

Regarding the issue, the headmistress explained her stance by saying that water was easily available to the students and so there was no use for Jahan so she has asked Jahan to work as a sweeper instead of sitting idle to which Jahan responded aggressively and refused to do the job of a sweeper.

“On his repeated refusal to work, I complained about this to the EDO and requested him to replace him with a sweeper in the school,” she added. “We have one sweeper on the campus. We need at least two more sweepers to relieve her of her burden.”

Jahan said that he had also written a letter to the DCO’s office and complained about the headmistress’ discriminatory attitude.

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A spokesperson of the DCO’s office said that a committee had been formed by the district administration to investigate the incident.

There have been many incidents of discrimination against non-Muslims in Pakistan. If the physical harm is ignored, there still remains the issue of the treatment of non-Muslims by the general Muslim public. There have been reports of Muslims refusing to buy food products from food businesses run by Christians and providing separate utensils for non-Muslim domestic help working in their houses.

Previously, Punjab Institute of Cardiology had advertised posts for janitors requiring only non-Muslims to apply for the job.