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Christian youth urged to make headway with a renewed hope


Advocate Sooba Bhatti, who is a blossoming rights campaigner has urged the Christian youngsters to strive for progress with a renewed hope. He said that youngsters need to push forward with a transformed strength and vision. His message comes specially at the start of the New Year, which is intended to impart a sense of courage and strength to the Christian youth.

New Year celebrations in Pakistan

Advocate Sooba urged the Christian youth to carry out with their fight for their rights in a legal and constitutional manner. “Step forward and take charge or else you won’t get your rights,” he said. He said that the youngsters need to discern the presence of black sheep around them. He said that there are certain elements that want to keep them in chains.

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He said that some elements in the society want to pull Christian youngsters down and keep them in bondage so that they don’t make progress. He said that these elements force them into all sorts of evils. He said that Christian youngsters have already been robbed of their right to vote and choose their leaders of their choice.

He urged the Christian community to join forces and bring all their dissentions to end. He urged them to observe the areas where their rights are being withheld. He said that Christians are being deprived of their constitutional rights and thus they must pursue their rights.

He said that certain extremist elements are trying to thrust them towards violence and extremism. He asserted that injustices, discrimination, harassment and other such elements will no longer be tolerated. “You need to march forward, you need to strengthen others so that you rise as one nation, one community and one voice and fight for your equal rights bestowed upon you by the constitution,” he said.