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Christianity could vanish from Iraq in coming five years a report says


ISIS in Iraq

In coming five years, Christianity could be wiped out from Iraq owing to the detrimental drive of terror group ISIS’s drive against Christians.

As the Islamic State jihadists continue to wipe out Christians in the country, there are fears that Christianity could completely be finished in the ancient Biblical region. The Christians of this region are practically facing two factual options; wither to die at the hands of ISIS militants or to flee from their ancestral region.

It was until 2013, that the terror group rose to power. Before that, Christians of Iraq had been abiding in peace. Situation has become hard for Christians, since the advent of the ruthless, ISIS terrorists. They launched an advance in 2014 and captured large areas of the country. The areas which fell into their hands were declared to be under the ISIS Caliphate.

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Ever since, ISIS arrived, they presented three options to the Christians; Either to convert to Islam, or to pay jaziya otherwise be killed. ISIS militants killed countless Christians, kidnapped Christian women. They sexually abused these Christians women and sold them sex markets. They even did not spare Christians children. This massacre of Christians has caused the remaining Christians to flee.

In the face of this horrid situation, the ‘UK charity Aid to the Church in Need has now presented a report in the House of Lords. According to this report, if the ongoing genocide of Christians continues in Iraq, Christianity could be extinct in just five years.

The report which was titled, ‘Persecuted and Forgotten?’ the Prime Minister of UK, David Cameron said: “Every day in countries across the world, Christians are systematically discriminated against, exploited and even driven from their homes because of their faith. Now is not the time for silence. We must stand together and fight for a world where no one is persecuted because of what they believe.”

Moreover, according to Jean-Clement Jeanbart- Melkite Greek Catholic Archbishop of Aleppo, “We are confronting one of the most important challenges of our 2,000 year history. Despite our problems here in the Middle East, we are doing everything we can to help those who lack food, clothes, or other essentials.”