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Christianity Growing Faster in Persia the city of Iran


Many Iranians were protesting against the government for many days in the streets. They protested against weak economic policy and inflammation rate in Iran. Raged in anger and frustration effected the lives of mostly Muslims community in Iran since it is a Muslim majority country. 99 percent population of Iran is related to the religion Islam.

Christianity Growing Faster in Persia Today

This protest can be a ray of hope for the minorities living in Iran if they raise their voices for the respect of religious rights. This protest began on economic issue on 28 Dec.17 which caused the death of 21 protesters and around 450 people were imprisoned for protesting in Middle East country.

Some recent researches show that in the Muslim dominated country Iran, Christianity is increasing with speed than any other region in the world presently. This statement was shared by David Yeghnazar, the executive director of Elam Ministries which is a nonprofit organization. This organization works for Iranian Christians.

Yeghnazar said that people in Iran are the most open to the words of God. They accept the gospel heartily.

The historic chapels in Iran are playing the role of an evangelical who continuously prays for nonbelievers in the country, said David Yeghnazar.

Christianity Growing Faster in Persia Today

Sohrab Ahmari a journalist says that people living in Iran are leading a tough life particularly Christians. All minorities are given a “second-class protection” in the country since they are considered the People of Book. And the people who are converted to Christianity are not given any protection because of Sharia law. The Sharia law is prevailed religion in Persia and does not acknowledge any other faith.

Sohrab tells about the ill treatment of Persia government to the converted people that “it routinely harasses them, monitors and raids their house churches, and arrests and imprisons their pastors on trumped-up ‘national-security’ charges.”

Sohrab Ahmari is optimist about change if the protest brings any in Iran, that change will contain respect for religious minorities.

Reza Safa was a Shiite Muslim then converted to Christianity. He is now an evangelical pastor. He tells that Christianity is spreading in Persia like wildfire and in near future this country will be the first nonbeliever regime which will convert to Christianity. An article on ‘National Catholic Register’ claims that around the globe in Muslim world, “Muslims Are Converting to Christianity in Record Numbers.” Now in Iran 3 million Christians who are living in Iran. Similarly in August 2017, an Iranian News Agency known as Mohabat News reported that Christianity is increasing at great level since the last 20 years in Iran which is an important concern for Persian government.

Christianity Growing Faster in Persia Today

Islamic seminary officials, Ayatollah Alavi Boroujerdi, said that youth are converting to Christianity and attending house churches in Iran.

Despite the severe persecution courageous Christians are converting to get rid of radical Islamic leaders in Persia. For converted the problem creator is Iran government but still the conversion is rapidly growing and will reach at a critical number.