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Christianity in the Middle East is threatened like never before says Prince Charles


Prince Charles

Christianity in Middle East is under threats more than ever says Prince Charles.

According to details, the Prince of Wales has warned that the Christian population in the Middle East is riskily under threat “as never before.” he said that if this issue is not addressed, the Christian population might vanish in just few years.

Prince Charles said this while addressing the participants at an Advent reception which was hosted by the Archbishop of Westminster Cardinal Vincent Nichols. During his address, Prince Charles called for “emergency help” at an international level to ward off the looming disaster.

This Advent reception was attended by Iraq’s prominent clerics and lay people from Christian churches in Iraq and Syria. Representatives from several other countries where Christians are being persecuted were also present at this occasion. This reception was organized at the Archbishop’s House in Westminster.

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Formerly, Prince Charles has shown a tendency to advocate for the religious communities in the Middle East. He said that many of those who were present at the reception hailed from churches that find their roots straight back to the early Church; for example the Coptic Orthodox Church which traces its roots to Mark the Evangelist.

“Tragically, as many of you will know far, far better than me, this remarkable heritage is under threat as never before. Christian communities in various parts of the Middle East are being deliberately targeted by fanatical Islamist militants intent on dividing communities which have lived alongside one another for centuries.”