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Christianity Is A Way Of Life Not A Label, Says Pope Francis


VATICAN CITY: Truly Living a Christian life is important than letting it become a label only.

Pope Francis
Pope Francis


Pope Francis, while speaking in his Sunday Angelus audience, laid emphasis on the significance of “truly living a Christian life rather than letting it become a superficial label.”


Pope Francis told the masses gathered at the St. Peter’s Square on Sunday that,“In the Gospel, Jesus tells us that to be a Christian is not to have a ‘label’ but to live and testify to faith in prayer, in works of charity, in the promotion of justice, in doing good.

“Lord Jesus Himself is the way to a truly lived faith,” he clarified. 

Sunday’s Gospel reading included the story of a man who asked Jesus if there are few that will be saved. “Jesus did not respond directly to the question: it is not important to know how many will be saved, but above all it is important to know the way of salvation,” Pope Francis told.


“Jesus tells us that there is a door to enter into the family of God. This door is Jesus. He offers Himself as the way of salvation to all,” he went on.


“Everyone is invited to enter this door, to go through the door of faith, to enter into His life, and to allow Jesus into their lives, so that he may transform them, renew them, and give them full and lasting joy,” he said.


Pope Francis continued in his sermon saying,” today there are many doors inviting us to enter, promising instant happiness, which is an end in itself and has no future. But Jesus shines a light in our lives that never goes out. It is more than just a flash.”


He also encouraged Christians, “We must not be afraid to enter the door of faith in Jesus. We must not be afraid to let him enter more and more into our lives, to get out of our selfishness, our being closed off, our indifference towards others.”


“The way of Jesus is narrow because He asks us to open our heart to Him, to recognize ourselves as sinners in need of His salvation, His forgiveness, His love, and to have the humility to accept His mercy and let us be renewed by Him,” Pope Francis urged.


In the end of Sunday Mass, Pope Francis lead the congregation in the Angelus prayer. Followed by his remarks about violence in Syria, expressing grave concerns for the continuing tense situation in Syria.


“From the depths of my heart, I wish to express my closeness in prayer and solidarity to all the victims of this conflict, to all those who suffer, especially the children,” he continued on Syria Crisis.


“Let us pray together,” Pope Francis continued.