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Christianity is under attack in the U.S.A says Ben Carson


Ben Carson

Republican candidate for Presidential elections Ben Carson has asserted that Oregon shootings are a clear indicator that Christians are under attack.

Ben Carson, who is a retired neurosurgeon, said that he believes that the carnage at the Oregon college make obvious that Christianity is under attack in the US. A gunman stormed into a community college in Oregon and killed at least 10 and injured several.

On Thursday, October 1 morning a shooter targeted Christian students as he reportedly asked the students is they were Christians. The Christian students when stood up he shot them in head killing them. However, the students who were not Christian he shot in leg or stomach.

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Ben Carson, who has been in media as he stated that a Muslim should never be President of the United States, posted a picture of himself on the social media after the incident. In the picture, Ben Carson was holding a sign reading “#IAmAChristian.” Ben Carson’s photo went viral on the internet as the social media buzzed with references to the shooter’s words to the Christian students at the UC College.

The Republican presidential candidate while talking in an interview on the occasion of the release of his latest book titled, “A More Perfect Union,” said that he believes that “the gunman’s actions were part of a broader assault on Christianity.”

“I feel that Christianity is under attack in our society. And I think that freedom of religion is an extremely important part of what America is. No one should be ashamed of their religion or try to hide it. Our constitution very specifically protects our freedom of expression and freedom of religion. It does not provide freedom from religion it provides freedom of religion.”

In another interview, Ben Carson while reflecting about the gun culture problem with which America is grappling at the moment said that mass shootings could be barred by increasing a federal database of individuals who are with a history of mental-health problems.

While referencing to the mass shootings these recent years at the Virginia college and a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, he said, “In the case of both the shooter in Aurora and the one at Virginia Tech, there was evidence that these were dangerous people. And that could be easily in a database. We have the mechanism for doing stuff, but we have to act on it.”