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Christianity sweeps across South Korea, as a colossal wave evangelization hits the country


Christianity in Korea

Christianity sweeps across South Korea, as the Evangelical Christianity continues to gain access to more Koreans each and every day.

“We think of Korea as the Second Jerusalem,” Hong Su Myeon- a volunteer at Somang Presbyterian. Somang Presbyterian is a megachurch in Gangnam, South Korea. According to him, the wave of evangelization has hit Korea more than any other country in the world.

The existing evangelic wave in South Korea, has resulted in more churches than corner stores. The country has now become home to minuscule,storefront chapels to world’s biggest church. Neon crosses, continue to set the skyline of every major South Korean city alight.

What is more it is not a new thing to spot Evangelical Christians preaching house to house. For a visitor it is not likely to spend more than a few days without being encountering evangelism. The Evangelicals, distribute pamphlets with messages of invitations to accept Lord Jesus as Saviour. The evangelists, cycle through the streets airing sermons and homilies, “urging people to either accept Jesus, or be prepared for the Devil’s wrath below.”

Hong Su Myeon, further says, “There are a lot of hidden true pastors working hard, and their passion for God is why we are so successful in Korea.”

Despite the fact that according to the official statistics, only 29 percent of the South Korean population actually identifies as Christian, yet their fervor is so forceful that the Korean Christians outshines the 23 percent who are Buddhist, and the 46 percent atheists.

While commenting about this rapid growth of Christianity in South Korea, Dr. Hwang Moon-kyung – Professor of History at the University of Southern California says, “It is kind of amazing how zealous Korean Christians are. They give you the impression that South Korea is a very religious country when in fact it isn’t. But the ones who are religious tend to be very fervently religious.”

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By far, the most acknowledged evangelist in South Korea was Pastor Cho Yong-gi, also known as Paul or David Cho. Pastor Yong-gi founded the Yoido Full Gospel Church, way back in late 1950s, which according to his narrative had a minute congregation of only 16 believers. However, now, it is rightfully, acknowledged as world’s largest church, with over 830,000 congregants. This colossal church takes up an entire river-front block in the central Seoul, and is worth of millions of dollars.

Apart from Pastor Yong-gi’s church, there are other dozens of Mega- Churches in Korea, including, Somang Presbyterian, Nambu Full Gospel, Assembly of God Grace And Truth, Myungsung Presbyterian, Kum Ran Methodist, Young Nak Presbyterian, Soong Eui Methodist. According to careful estimates, each of these mega-churches harbor more than 40,000 worshipers every Sunday, some of them even house more than 100,000 congregants.