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Christians And Muslims Unify To Form An “Inter-Faith Network”


FAISALABAD: A network of Christians and Muslims activists is mobilized to monitor the “Human Rights Violation” in Pakistan.

Inter-faith Network in Pakistan
Inter-faith Network in Pakistan

This network aims to monitor the upsetting attacks against minorities in the country and shielding most susceptible targets counts as the predominant aim of this interfaith group. Largely, to control abuses of the blasphemy laws and straighten out disputes or exploitation “before they worsen.”


In this regard, a public meeting in the city was held to chalk out the course of action for the beginning of a new inter-confessional network. This new inter-faith network of “Christian and Muslim” activists will be observing human rights violations while safeguarding the right of freedom of expression and association. This network will also be available to intervene in incidents like attacks against religious minorities and weak groups aiming to create a “harmonious and peaceful” society.


During this meeting, the previously mentioned objectives were drafted. The meeting was sponsored by the Human Rights Defenders (HRDS) and by the activists of the Association of Women for Awareness and Motivation (Awam). The event was attended by over fifty rights experts, including aid workers, religious leaders, journalists, politicians, lawyers and leaders of youth movements from different schools of thought.

As a prospect, this network of activists will be eyeing at prevention of attacks against communities, thus ensuring “the right to free expression and assembly, as well as worship.”

A Christiian activist Naseem Anthony told,”It is pertinent for the human rights defenders to act as arbitrators to mitigate the life threats and control the mob attacks to reduce damages through early warning system mechanism, and mobilize local influential to help resolve the conflicts peacefully before they escalates”.

Another Christian activist Shazia George, who wants more dialogue and cooperation with that peaceful and tolerant part of the Muslim world in Pakistan, intends to fight “against religious extremism and political parties that foment intolerance.”


Suneel Malik said ,”religious intolerance is far more dangerous and deadly to human civilization than the atomic bomb.”


Muslim activists also condemn fundamentalism at this occasion. A Muslim journalist Jahangir Ashfar asserted, “The religious leaders play a crucial role in promoting harmony in society and respect for diversity, avoiding sermons that incite hatred and insult the followers of another religion.”


Another journalist Iftikhar Ahmed maintained, “Human life is precious, so no community should be pursued for the faults of one individual. It is the task of the activists to resolve tense situations in a peaceful manner, preserving the lives of innocent citizens. ”