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Christians are safe and completely protected in South Waziristan says a local Christian


South Waziristan

Christians in Pakistan’s battered area South Waziristan Agency (SWA) are enjoying safety and security, as detailed by a local Christian of Wana.

According to details, Christians in Pakistan’s embattled South Waziristan Agency (SWA), are dwelling in safety and security according to a local Christian namely Pervez Masih.

Pervez Maish, is a commander retired from the South Waziristan Scouts a local militia force is a resident of South Waziristan. While Christians across the country are in a state of being persecuted specially in Punjab; Christians in South Waziristan are being treated with respect and honor. “Local tribal leaders treat Christians with great respect,” he said.

Local tribesmen are peace loving people, he explained. “The locals have a good behavior towards us and we have never faced any problem here despite the fragile security situation in the area. Christians are facing numerous problems elsewhere in the country, but we are enjoying extreme liberty and cordial relations with our Muslim brothers,” he exclaimed with contentment.

He continued adding that, Christians enjoy complete religious freedom and inter religious harmony as Muslims and Christians share each other’s joy and sorrows. He said that thus far, they have not been bothered by the Pakistani military or by the Taliban.

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In addition to Pervez Masih, another local Christian stated that “Christian community in Wana might be safer than local tribal people, as both the tribesmen and the Taliban are their guardians.”

While speaking in this regard, a journalist from the South Waziristan, Zulfiqar Ali said that it is certainly true that Christians living in South Waziristan are undoubtedly enjoying safety and security.

Zulfiqar Ali added that Christians are free to run their own businesses in the South Waziristan and are at complete liberty to roam freely across the South Waziristan Agency without any fear. He said that Christians also take part in Muslim festivals and vice versa, as Christians and Muslims are living in harmony.