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Christians beaten up in Abbottabad.


Christians in Pakistan are feeling increasingly insecure after another violent attack by Muslim extremists

On 12th august Christians were beaten up by a mob of Muslim extremists in Abbottabad when they were showing movie “Jesus” in City Park. The attackers beat them and destroy the projector as well.

The local people said that their situation is getting worse after the death of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in abbattabad.

The movie was being shown by Full Gospel Assembly (FGA) Church. It is a 1979 movie based on the life of Christ.

After the attack, police intervened and tried to control the situation. But no arrests were made. Several copies of the Bible were found on dumps after Full Gospel Assembly (FGA) Church tried distributing 100,000 copies around the country.

This incident took place just after a week when the authorities interrogated a local catholic priest Father Akram Javed Gill on the charge that he was looking at Osama bin Laden’s house which is situated near Pakistan’s top military academy.

“I took a foreign friend to the house of a Catholic living near the compound. We were taken away minutes after we climbed on his rooftop,” said, parish priest Father Akram Javed Gill of St. Peter Canisius Church.

“I learnt a lot from that experience. Christians cannot afford to get involved in risky situations, especially after the bin Laden episode,” he said.

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