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Christians confronting prominent challenges in Iraq


Christians in Iraq are confronting “greatest and most prominent challenge” as they come back to their countries liberated from the Islamic State, as indicated by human rights activists. The extremely eventual fate of Christianity in its support is at stake.

Christians Face 'Greatest, Greatest Challenge' in Iraq

Ashur Sargon Eskrya, leader of the Assyrian Aid Society branch in Iraq (AAS-I), told that Christians confront incredible threats as they look to come back to Mosul, which was as of late freed from the IS psychological militants.

“Iraqi Christians (Assyrian,Chaldean) are indigenous community of the nation, as indicated by verifiable sources, and their future in Iraq depends of on universal help and assurance. Without securities, they won’t have the capacity to live in Iraq any more,” Eskrya said.

“It is basic time for the Christians of Iraq — ‘regarding life, what to think about it.’ The Christians of Iraq are confronting their greatest and most prominent test” in post-IS Iraq, he said.

Former Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.), who is co founder of the 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative, aimed at saving religious minorities in Iraq, brought up that “more scriptural movement occurred in Iraq than whatever other nation on the planet, other than Israel.”

“I believe there’s a chance to spare Christianity in the support of Christendom. This is the ideal opportunity. We have an organization that is interested in accomplishing something,” he stated, alluding to the organization of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Adherents of Christ, who have been intensely mistreated on account of the Islamic fanatics, have discovered their homes wrecked after returning, and need philanthropic help with request to restart life there.

They are also reportedly confronting inescapable threats from IS cells still left in Iraq.