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Christians demand security provisions on May 11


KARACHI: The Central Executive Council of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC demands provision of security on Election Day.


Elections 2013
Elections 2013

This demand springs forth from threats posing the religious community as a consequence of the boycott of the forthcoming elections.

Dr. Nazir S Bhatti – President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC has mailed copy of his letter to  all Election Observer who will monitor the manner of Elections 2013, in Pakistan, putting across apprehension that contenders of Muslim political parties may hassle and force them to cast their votes in their favor.


The letter reads as follows:


1. The Chief Election Commissioner, Election Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad.

2. The Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Pakistan, Islamabad.

3. The Prime Minister, Caretaker Government of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Ensure Safety and Security of Christians, Hindus and Ahmadiyyia community members who are boycotting election 2013.

Honorable Sir’s

As ECP, SCP and government of Pakistan failed to hold election 2013, under Article 226 of constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which declared 10 reserved seats for minorities and 60 reserved seats in National Assembly of Pakistan, likewise reserved seats in Provincial Assemblies, unconstitutional and undemocratic.

The Pakistan Christian Congress PCC made frequent request as memorandums to Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan and government of Pakistan to allocate Dual Voting Rights to minorities that they may elect their representation in parliament on reserved seats with their votes and may cast vote to Muslim candidates in their respective constituencies but no due consideration was paid to outstanding demand.

There was one petition filed in Supreme Court of Pakistan to hold election in true spirit of constitution under Article 226, but it not got hearing.

In such circumstances, the Christians, Hindus and Ahmadiyyia communities have decided to boycott elections as a protest against Selection system which empowers Muslim political to Select women and minorities’ to select of their choice on reserved seats.

The Muslim political parties are taking heavy bribes to select on reserved seats which make such elections unfair.

The Christian, Hindus and Ahmadiyyia communities fear that candidates of Muslim political parties can harass them force them to vote which can erupt in violence against them.

Therefore, we request your honor to kindly ensure safety and security of life and property of those who not want to cast their vote when they view such elections unconstitutional and undemocratic.


Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC


Editor, Pakistan Christian Post


Dated: April 15, 2013;

CC: Election Observer of UNO for PAK Election 2013

Election Observers of EU for Pak Elections 2013

Election Observers of USA and North America for Pak Elections 2013.

Election Observers from Human Rights Organizations and other NCOs