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Christians face fresh wave of violence in Kerala


Christians face a recent wave of violence in Indian State of Kerala. Frequent attacks on nuns, clergymen, Christian students and properties have been recorded. In recent weeks, vandals attacked church properties and Christian.

Christian persecution in India

In this regard, President of the Global Council of Indian Christians Sajan K. George told the media that in a recent attack, vandals attacked a Christians’ cemetery. Unknown attackers invaded cemetery of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ in Ukkinadka and destroyed the cross at a tomb, damaging seven other tombs. “The surge in hostile acts and intolerance towards Christians is alarming”, he said. He further warned that Kerala’s Christians are an “easy target” for the extremist. In recent years, Kerala’s Christians have come under attack several times.

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Sajan K. George stated that on another instance, the “Logos Pastoral Center” in the diocese of Neyyattinkara came under attack recently. Around 150 Christian students, a priest and two nuns were residing in the center for a treat. The attackers were reportedly disturbed by the Christian songs, consequently attacked the building of the center pelting stones at the windows and doors.

Previously, just a day before Easter the Orthodox church of Saint Greogrios of Punnamoodu in Alappuzha was targeted. The attackers barred Vicar, Father MK Varghese, from entering into the church, they vandalized the church; broke windows and door of the church. Three people were arrested in this connection.

Expressing serious concerns Sajan K. George said that “Although it appears that the attacks are not directed specifically against the faith, there is a certain intolerance towards everything that is related to Christians. This is harmful for the democratic and secular India, while the social fabric of our country is damaged by insensitive comments or provocative statements, false and without foundation against the missionary work of Christians”.