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Christians faced health risk infections since floods in Karachi


On 31st August 2017 Pakistan additionally joined a list of counties, for example, India, Bangladesh and Nepal in what has now been portrayed as the biggest flood to hit the South Asian continent. More than 1200 individuals were killed all through the locale with no less than 25 dead on the last count for Pakistan.

Christians faced health risk infections since floods in Karachi

“Christians faced with spike in waterborne and mosquito-borne infections since floods in Karachi, amongst the Christian victims of the recent floods in Pakistan has been blamed on the poor sewage system in deprived Christian communities”.

Eissa Nagri or Isa Nagri is one of the area of Gulshan Town, Karachi, and Sindh, Pakistan. This is Christian’s majority area in Karachi, with other community i.e Muslims are also living there.Floods in Karachi increases health risk in Christian area of Eissa Nagri.

Individuals were killed through drowning as they were caught up the powerful water currents of the deluge and others were electrocuted as Pakistan’s unsafe external power cables became a significant hazard.

Christians faced health risk infections since floods

A large number of Pakistani’s were temporarily displaced. For some casualties however the flood has left a considerably more prominent concern.
In Essa Nagri which is a large Christian populated area in Karachi blocked sewers caused flood waters to be held for an exceptionally long period. The resulting mix of effluence within the deluge water is believed to have caused a huge increase in the number of reported infections for the many water- related diseases that are still rife in Pakistan.

Water born disease in Pakistan:

Bacterial ailments. Cholera. E.coli disease. Looseness of the bowels. Salmonellosis (Salmonella) Typhoid fever.

Viral Infections. Adenovirus disease. Gastroenteritis. Hepatitis A. Polio. Dengue Fever. West Nile Fever. Protozoa.

Parasitic Diseases. Amoebiasis . Cryptosporidiosis. Cyclosporiasis. Giardiasis (Giardia) Helminths.

Specifically a recognizable ascent in Dysentery, Cholera and Dengue fever has made a feeling of extraordinary fear among Christians of Eissa Nagri.

In one area of Essa Nagri images of a local sewage worker clearing a blocked sewer illustrated the preventable retention of floodwater that exacerbates the threat of illness. Besides it likewise featured the unsafe work rehearses for Pakistan’s sewage workforce who work with no PPE or pro gear – the majority of whom are Christian. Recently two widows of sewage workers recently killed in workplace accidents, launched a campaign to change the working conditions and terms of employment for the Pakistani sewage workforce.

Besides these infections spreading in that area Christians living here are considered untouchable, even the only job to collect dirt from the society. These people are neglected with basic necessities of life that is water, education and health. The water that these people are drinking is mixed with sewage and they are forced to drink it. The unemployment rate is quite high due to lack of opportunities for minorities specifically Christian community.

According to the sources Saint Michael’s Grammar Secondary School was the only English medium school but inside it was only a below average education institution trying to educate the children of the neglected town.