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Christians Facing Religious Discrimination In Egypt


Egypt which is the largest residence of Christians in the Middle East has been included in the watch list of Christian persecution. This list is published annually by Open Doors.

Christians make around 10% of Egypt’s population which is 95 million. Precisely 10 out of 95 people are Christian in Egypt. Majority Christians are Orthodox or Coptic Christians, 250,000 are Catholic while one million are evangelical Christians.

Christians Facing Religious Discrimination In Egypt

According to Open Doors report in 2017, 128 Christians were martyred while 200 Christians were made homeless. The report says that increase in torturing Christians is due to the IS militants who spread in the world when defeated and thrown out of Iran and Syria.

Within two months in 2017 78 Christians were murdered by ISIS terrorists who attacked on churches and travelers with bombs. Around 15 girls from official area of Minya were abducted and compelled to embrace Islam as their religion and marry Muslim men, said Open Doors.

Michael Jones who is a businessman in Cairo and an evangelical Christian said that government officials remark about Christians are quite contrary to their practical implementations. He told that few days back Egyptian president’s speech at the opening of a new Cathedral was quite respecting and sympathetic towards Christians but later local authorities of villages and towns disdained Christianity on the basis of religious differences.

He added that this discrimination is not limited to certain sects rather in Egypt Christians are not given any employment; students are failed and made to sit at the back in their classrooms . Moreover, this religion prejudice can be seen by the shopkeepers who refuse to sell their goods to Christian citizens and patients are not treated well as other patients.

Egyptian Christians show their tolerance, they pray for them and forgive them. He told due to present situation many Christians fled to other regions. He said that many times he becomes pessimist about the Christians condition in Egypt but he believes that God will protect him.
Lisa Pearce of Open Doors said that Christian community confronts religious differences but still stick to their faith is hard to believe.

She also spotlighted that next target of ISIS is south east Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Maldives for Christian persecution.