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Christians Fearful Anticipating A Possible Attack After Yet Another Blasphemy Case


LAHORE: Tensions between Christians and Muslims on the rise as a Christian man gets hooked in supposedly fake blasphemy case.

Christians fearful over possible attack by extremists
Christians fearful over possible attack by extremists

In line with details, Mr. Abid Gill from National Commission for Justice and Peace approached a local NGO on 9th of October, 2013, informing them about the worsening situation of Christians in Beher Pind Johar Town Lahore as a Christian man Mushtaq Rehmat gets hooked in an apparently false blasphemy case. In excess of 50 Christian families are living among Muslim masses in the said area.


A team headed by Asher Sarfraz field officer was dispatched towards the said area to asses the situation. The team also comprised of Huma Lucas Assistant in charge legal department, Zeeshan Zafar, John Paul and Abid Gill member National Commission for Justice and Peace. The team met with the neighbouring Christians and family of Mushtaq Rehmat who said,” We were very much frightened and worried about our houses and belongings which the Muslims wanted to give fire and destroy to punish the area Christians.” The squad subsequently, reported the crisis to the high police authorities asking for instantaneous security process in order to avert any communal clashes in the area.


While investigating into the matter the team met with the family of Mushtaq Rehmat who is currently in police custody since October 08, 2013. His wife said that” Mushtaq owns business of glass and aluminium and his shop known as New Diamond Glass & Aluminum at College Road Township Lahore which he established after a lot of hard work and problems. Mushtaq works with two partners Sabir and Muhammad Khalid since 1999.”


She further stated that,” they were living happily and her husband can not commit any blasphemy. He is innocent in this case but police arrested him without committing any offence. All family is disturbed and living in fear as there is threat from Muslims that they will burn the Christian houses like Joseph Colony Lahore.”


While, Sabir one of the partners of Mushtaq stated that,” In 2004 he started this business along with Mushtaq and Mohammad Khalid and they have 12 employs to work on the shop including a Muslim Driver named Mohammad Abid aged 30 since 2006. Later Muhammad Khalid left them and started his separate business of glass.”


Sabir said that,” Mohammad Abid left his job in 2009 to work at some other place but suddenly he rejoined them as driver in 2012. Mohammad Abid is a religious and fanatic Muslim and also member of an extremist group. Near about six months before Mohammad Abid brought an Urdu book written by Ameer Hamza banned yet he read this book.”


Muhammad Abid thus accused Adnan brother of Irfan a worker of the shop to have written derogatory comments about Prophet Mohammad on the book therefore he must be punished. Since 8th of October, 2013 Mushtaq is in police custody at Township Police Station.