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Christians fight for their decades-old graveyard in a village of Punjab


A Christian cemetery being coercively owned by a military personnel in a village of Punjab.

Christians in a village of Punjab fight for their decades old graveyard

Christians in Bhondary Wala, a village of Punjab, are anxious over forced conversion of a Christian graveyard into a farmland by a retired Army officer. This graveyard is said to be decades old. Rehmat Masih, told that Col. Farrukh Alam asserted ownership of the land, whereas, the foundations of this graveyard were laid even before the partition of India-Pakistan. Rehmat Masih goes on to reveal that the graveyard has by now being narrowed to one-third of its original area. He said that the area within cemetery bounds is 150 acres. He added that Col. Farrukh Alam is intimidating the local Christians to evacuate the land.

Rehmat Masih, said that Christians accessed a police station in Narang Mandi, as an revulsive reaction to the desecration of some of the graves of Christians by the retired Army personnel.  The police refused to lodge the FIR. Masih, apprehensively wrote to the Additional Home Secretary Asif Bilal– who referred his petition to the Additional Superintendent of  Police Sheikhupura Waqas Ahmed.

In his referral Asif Bilal said, “Please help these individuals. Minorities are marginalized segments of our society and need our assistance.” Rehmat reveals that the head of Narang Mandi was summoned by the SP of Sheikhupura to lodge an FIR as per complain but that first investigation report is yet to be filed.