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Christians in Bangladesh criticize drugs, alcohol


Around 2,000 individuals, commonly Christians joined a rally in Bangladesh to decry an ascent in violations and brutality identified with drugs and alcohol. The rally secured 180 kilometers inside the sweep of eight Catholic areas in Dhaka Archdiocese, aggregately called the Bhawal region.

Christians in Bangladesh criticize drugs, alcohol

Composed by the Bangladesh Christian Association, the rally began from St. Joseph’s Parish July 28 and finished at Holy Family Parish the following day. Along the way demonstrators droned trademarks, for example, “adore life, say no to drugs” as they halted in wards, disseminated hostile to sedate handouts and planted saplings as an indication of a medication free life.

Bhawal district is one of the biggest Catholic settlements in Bangladesh, where drinking privately created liquor is standard.
However, alcoholism has been blamed for a spat of violence and captures as of late. Police have been blamed for misusing the custom to coerce cash, capturing individuals for delivering and offering alcohol illicitly.

” Recent cases of violence prompted us to act against addiction, especially alcoholism. We have decided to pair up with local church officials to combat this menace and people have responded very well,” said Nirmol Rozario, leader of Bangladesh Christian Association.

” Our younger generation are increasingly plunging into drugs and alcohol, and they are being lost. We must save them by continuing this campaign and spreading awareness among the young and adults. Our aim is to reduce addiction by 60 percent in next three years,” Rozario said.

Father Albert T. Rozario, convener of the Justice and Peace Commission in Dhaka Archdiocese hailed the activity..