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Christians In Essa Nagri Harassed By Extremists


KARACHI: A Christian neighbourhood in the city under threats from the extremists since three years.

Extremism in Essa Nagri
Extremism in Essa Nagri

Essa Nagri is a Christian settlement in the economic hub of Pakistan. An episode of harassment and threatening since past three years has dismayed the zone. While it is reported that Essa Nagri often witnesses sporadic incidents of vandalism as Pakhtoon extremists, storm in the colony armed with lethal weapons and firing looting the houses and killing many.


Seeing the seriousness of the situation, MASS complained numerous times in the P.I.B colony police station, additionally informing D.I.G police and Rangers however no action has been taken yet. MASS declares,” Lots of times we demanded safety and security but no action from Government authorities.”


Previously a horrific incident was reported from the area when a Christian resident of this area was shot dead by these extremist followed by an assault by a mob at the neighborhood. “On 29th august 2012 at 7:15pm two pakhtoon fundamentalist enter in our Essa Nagri and they Demanding from Faisal Masih son of Binyamin money on gun point he refused then they fired him on his head he died on the spot.

And at the same time some Christian people hold the killer at the same time a big mob comes in Essa Nagri and they attack on the peoples of Essa Nagri and they take their peoples. When the Christians staged a demonstration, the police and rangers opened fire at the demonstrators and as a consequence, two men Pastor Cornelius Feroze and Shahzad Riaz got seriously injured by firing.

Pastor Cornelius Feroze remained admit in LiaquatNationalHospital while Shahzad Riaz was operated in Jinnah Hospital Karachi. These men belonged to poor Christian families. Faisal Masih, Pastor Cornelius Feroze and Shahzad Riaz were members of MASS.

Since then, no legal action has been taken against those responsible for the vandalism and there is less hope that in near future authorities will intervene in the degenerating law and order situation in Essa Nagri.

Therefore, we appeals to all Christian in Pakistan and abroad to,” pray for the family of Faisal that may God give them patience, for the injured Pastor Cornelius Feroze and Shahzad Riaz God heal them and they recover totally.  Also pray for the residents of Essa Nagri and the all Christians of Pakistan which are in serious crisis.