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Christians in Joseph Colony Babar Masih 27 years tortured by Muslims


The Christian of Joseph colony’s Badami Bagh Lahore are facing reaction by the surrounding Muslims area. Three days before Babar Masih 27 years tortured by Muslims

Babar Masih
Babar Masih

The day before yesterday Rohit Masih 13 and his younger brother Sahil 11 house No 10 Joseph colony Badami Bagh Lahore were kidnapped at 10:0.P.M. when these kids were leaving their house to clean street on a place of their father who is sick. According to both Rohit and Sahil a black color car sudden stopped and they pushed them in to it. After 40 minutes drive they shifted in to the room where 1 women and 5 other people were victims

They shifted and separated them and they forcibly turn off Sahil trouser and beaten him, on other side Rohit were also treated same. They also covey the massage ‘that Joseph colony will be damage once again the Christian will no more living in this area.

Banny Aslam 13.S/o, Aslam Masih H# 105 learning Motor Cycle skills

He Was also kidnapped when he left house at 8:0.A.M tortured. He is not willing to live any more in Joseph colony. He is admitted in private hospital. The govt hospitals were instructed by ex, high official of Punjab. Due to this reason the medical board and hospital official can’t admitted them.
BY .::Shahzad Nafat::.