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Christians in Pakistan are the least educated Pakistanis


A break down of statistics reveals that Christians in Pakistan are the least educated community of Pakistan. 

This analysis is based on a research work by Pehchaan Foundation, an organization which is striving to raise the standard of living of the religious minorities in Pakistan. It has been marked down, that the Christians in Pakistan are the least educated Pakistanis.


Even though Christian missionary schools have been instrumental in the educational setup of Pakistanyet the Christians are deprived of education. At the time of establishment of Pakistan, these Missionary schools were the foremost source of learning and vocational training.  By the passage of time, government owned schools started to outdo these admired institutions. Nonetheless, missionary institutions like Convent, Cathedral and Convent of Jesus and Marry are still highly esteemed institutes of the country.


Despite the fact that some of the most eminent educational institutions owe to Christian missionary organizations, the Christian community of Pakistan ranks the lowest amongst the educated masses of  Pakistan. An assortment of up to date facts provided by Dr. John Patrick reveal that:


– 6% Christians inPakistanhave primary education.
– 4% Christians inPakistanhave High School education
– 1% Christians inPakistanhave College education
– 0.5% Christians inPakistanhave Professional education

The gravity of this matter can be further enlightened by regarding above mentioned statistics to be a point of reference.  Taken for granted, that Christians comprise 2% of total population of Pakistan, in that case, they account for approximately for 4.5 million. Applying the above mentioned stats to this figure, we come to a conclusion that only 500,000 or 0.5 million have acquired some sort of education. The left over 4 million Christians in Pakistan are absolutely illiterate and uneducated. Putting this crouched number in percentage crafts mere 11.5% of total Christian population of Pakistan. This colossal figure of untaught Christians is indubitably more than total population of some other countries of the world. The neglect of education of  Christians in Pakistan is one of the root causes of social and financial decline of the Christian Community in Pakistan. This somber issue requires attention from the Government of Pakistan and at the same time from the missionary schools as well; requiring diligent efforts from the Christian leaders of Pakistan.


The Pehchaan Foundation has focused on the promotion of education by dint of the Pehchaan Scholarshp programs.  The foundation continues to create a sense of awareness amongst the minorities, regarding the ignorance of education and its overwhelming effects.