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Christians in Pakistan concerned over increasing Taliban attacks


LAHORE: Pakistani Christians apprehensive over rising Taliban attacks.


Taliban Fighters
Taliban Fighters

In correspondence to the minutiae, the recent surge of Taliban attacks, to the fore of the approaching Elections cause profound distress to the Christians in Pakistan. The horrific attack of 11th April, 2013 on Fakhar ul Islam, a candidate who advocated for turning Pakistan into a secular state.



We are very concerned about this wave of violence; the attacks are aimed at creating tension and instability and threaten the painstakingly built democratic system in Pakistan, perhaps trying to postpone the vote. In addition there is disdain towards the vision of human dignity, human rights, and peaceful coexistence which are the foundations of civilized life,” said Father James Chamman – Director of the Center for Peace in Lahore.



Taliban have been hostile to Christians since bygone times, this perilous animosity has claimed several lives so far and still goes on. The gush of assaults never did appear to minimize at any point of time since the establishment of this entity. At countless times did Taliban claim the responsibility of killing Christian missionaries in Afghanistan and Pakistan.



The issue that troubles most of the Christians in Pakistan, is the fact that anyone who tries to promote religious tolerance and equality of all before law; turns out to be a quarry for the either Taliban or other militants.