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Christians in Pakistan distributes free Urdu Bibles to a Bible study college in Punjab


Christians in Pakistan free bible distribution.

Christians in Pakistan distributes free Bibles to a Bible study college in Punjab.

According to details, Pakistan’s largest online Christian community and news agency has distributed about 30 Urdu Biles to a local Bible study college. These Bibles were collected by a representative of the Bible study college on Sunday, August 16.

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While bearing in mind, that Bibles are not easily available to Christians in far flung areas of Pakistan because of the reason that churches or Bible sociaty do not reach out to them. For this very reason, tens of thousands of Pakistani Christians do not have access to the Word of God.

Specially, Christians who are underprivileged and cannot afford to buy Bibles on their own are being benefited by this service. What is more, Bibles can be bought at a price from the bible societies or Christian book shops; however, these poor Christian can not afford even the little price for the Bible.

As the need of Bible is indispensable for every Christian believer, it now the need of the hour that all should join forces to reach out to those poor Christians who can not afford to buy Bibles. Despite the fact, that, various ministries, NGO’s and organisations are endeavouring to distribute Bibles to as many Christians as possible still, much work needs to be done.