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Christians In Pakistan Revere All The Other Religions, Says Bishop John Samuel


SAMUNDARI: Pakistanis belonging to various schools of thoughts should unite for the solidarity of Pakistan.

Convention in Samundari
Convention in Samundari

According to details, a two day convention was held in Samundari where Bishop John Samuel from Church of Pakistan expressed his views saying,” People from all schools of thoughts should have reverence for others.” He made this statement while speaking to the assemblage on the first day of convention. During his speech he highlighted the fact that there are certain sects in the society that are misleading the naïve to spread social discord thus damaging peace and harmony.  He further demanded that agencies patronizing sectarian violence should be observed keenly.


Bishop Samuel further illustrated that,” People mislead by these anti-peace agents get carried away in their emotions that they do not realize what Islam teaches about treatment with minorities.”

“Christians in Pakistan revere all the other religions, “said Bishop John Samuel.

Further in his address he said, our Lord Jesus has been mentioned in the Holy Book of Quran 34 times specifically in 2 important Surahs. “Surat ul Marriam demonstrates the importance of Lord Jesus,” he continued. He further said that, “The power of our Lord Jesus was not limited to a sole purpose. He healed the blind and the lepers made the lame walk. He was the Spirit of God and Word of God.”

Bishop John Samuel added that, “Lord Jesus was the ultimate authority as per standards of knowledge, spirituality and intellect.” “Christianity teaches peace, love and truth,” he carried on.
At the end of the prayer meeting, Bishop John Samuel led the congregation in a special prayer for the country especially for the peace and prosperity in Pakistan.

This two day convention was attended by Subaidar (Retd.) Riaz Shahid, Pastor Younis Jalal, Ashiq Jalal, Pastor Irshad, Pastor Reuben James, Pastor Aslam and Pastor Yousuf along with multitude of local Christians.