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Christians in Peshawar denounce Punjab Government’s Security Provisions


PESHAWAR: The Christian community in Peshawar insists on the government to structure an independent judicial commission to probe into the Badami bagh incident.

Christians in Peshawar
Christians in Peshawar

The Christian community, being on the ragged edge criticizes the Punjab government for its failure to provide adequate security to the Christians in Joseph Town, Lahore. In a news conference at the Peshawar Press Club(PPC ), Shaukat Ghulam in company with Dr. Sohail, Shakir Bhatti, Naeem Nazir, and others, said that the heartrending incident illuminates Punjab Governments inability to provide security of life and property of public. He expressed doubts on the fact that in spite of preceding information, the law-enforcing agencies did not take preventive actions.

Shaukat said that, the fuming mob burnt Holy Bibles, 2 Churches and several houses of Christians in Joseph Town, but police remained as a silent bystander. At this occasion he called on the provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA to tighten up the security of Christian community in the province. “We are not satisfied with the security arrangements for churches in KP and elsewhere in the country,” he said.