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Christians in Rimsha Masih’s Neighborhood Remain Miserable This Christmas


Desolated and harassed by neighbors, Christians in Rimsha Masih’s neighborhood anticipate a dreary Christmas.

Misery of Christians in Mehrabad-Islamabad.

Christians inhabited in the vicinity of country’s capital, say as the poverty tramples them down; they remain void of Christmas Spirit. Residents of Mehrabad, say things have become drastically, difficult for them since the Rimsha Masih case. Mehrabad , a muddle of muddy and unpaved streets. These grimy streets coil between undersized houses.

Christmas is a festive season, marked by joy, peace and celebrations. As Christians all over the world, celebrate this festival of love, Rimsha Masih’s house remains vacant. Despite being acquitted of the Blasphemy charges, Rimsha and her family have not appeared at their dwelling since then.

“A day or two ago we were discussing how to decorate a tree when some young Muslim men came and mocked us, saying ‘You are talking about it but you will not dare put it up”- Amjad Shehzad, a housepainter. “Normally at Christmas we put up stars on our houses, but this year we will not be able to do this either,” he went on to say.

Another dweller of the area, Ashraf Masih, a sweeper, said, “We are scared. We are frightened. We cannot sit together, we cannot speak loudly, and we cannot celebrate openly. We have threats, if we sit together and talk, all of a sudden the Muslim owner of the house will come and ask ‘Why are you here, what are you talking about?’’

Christmas is coming and we are upset. What will we do on Christmas? Every year we used to celebrate it here but now we have no Church to celebrate in the area,” said Aslam Masih, a tenant. Aslam Masih makes both ends meet by gardening. His wife whined, “The atmosphere is not good and our church is closed,” she said. “Either we pay the rent or we make preparations for Christmas.”

As the world engages in good cheer, the Christians in Mehrabad await  a miracle.