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Christians in Southern India Suffer At The Hands Of Hindu Militants


NEW DELHI: Christians in Southern India facing hostility from the Hindu militants.

Christians suffer from the hands of Hindu militants
Christians suffer from the hands of Hindu militants

According to details, the evangelical Christians in southern India struggle to organize Bible studies and worship meetings as a consequence of an attack on a Church by Hindu militants.

Sajan K. George- president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), said in a statement: Hindu’s armed with hockey stocks and mason’s hammers raided the Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene in Sehkari Nagar in Uttar Pradesh, beating the pastor and Christians who tried to protect their pastor. Pastor RC Paul’s daughter was also attacked, he said.

They militants were also seen demolishing the cross on the roof of the church building, replacing it by an orange ‘Hindutva’ flag, a symbol of Hindu nationalism.

Christians claimed the mob was led by a radical Hindu group Bajrang Dal. Two of publicly identified culprits were held for questioning, reports said. This attack on the Church interrupted a Bible study meeting, added to a series of incidents in the region that rights activists have blamed on fanatical nationalist Hindu groups.

George called the situation in Uttar Pradesh “alarming” as the small Christian community is “very vulnerable to attacks by Hindu fundamentalists” which, he said, “are never provoked.”