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Christians of Chak 31/10 R in danger of an onslaught


KHANEWAL: Unwarranted harassment to the Christians of a village in Punjab from the police and hostile mob.


Christians under attack again
Christians under attack again

According to details, the police of Kacha Khoh, District Khanewal illegally locked up Christian men and women of a Christian village Chak number 31/10-R. Prior to this, the Christian settlement faced an attacked by armed men on April, 26th which caused terror in the atmosphere.


Over a minor quarrel between a Christian and a Muslim farmer on using agricultural apparatus gave rise to an armed assault by a mob; that had assembled to teach lesson to the Christian infidel who entered into an argument with his fellow worker. The enraged mob geared up with guns, attacked Christian houses; violently firing and breaking in their homes. The Christians in retaliation pelted stones and bricks on the attackers.


At some point, a Muslim man was shot by the firing of his fellow Muslim assailants and expired on spot. Seeing this, the mob wavered from Christian zone while screeching “Infidels have killed a Muslim and now its duty of every Muslim to wage Jihad and kill every Christian infidel of village”. In the intervening time, proclamations were made from the mosques of close by villages saying, “Muslims it’s your Islamic duty to unite and kill women, children and men of village R-32/10”. 
Perceiving the aggravation of situation, the frightened Christians called Rescue Police and informed about gathering of mob from nearby villages to attack them. Consequently, the local Police was quick to act and police force was deployed in the affected area to curb any possible riots. The Police Station of Kacha Khoh lodged a murder case against five Christians, nonetheless the police asked the Christians to vacate the village for wellbeing of their life and property.

Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, the President of Pakistan Christian Congress, called upon the Inspector General Punjab Police and Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab to straight away take action against DPO Khanewal and SHO of Kacha Khoh Police Station and decree unbiased investigation officers to scrutinize the matter and effectively make certain justice to Christians victimized by violence.


Pakistan Christian Congress PCC Head put to question that, “The Christian women and children of Chack R-32/10 and Christians of other 10 village of same areas have fled from their homes after April 26, 2013 of Muslims in fear of life: Are these hundreds of Christians not citizens of Pakistan who fled from their homes, where is their right of safety and security as guaranteed in constitution of Pakistan to every citizen?”