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Christians Of Essa Nagri Threatened By An Extremist Group


KARACHI: The biggest settlement of Christians in Sindh imperilled by a group of local extremists as they continue to harass the local Christians.

Christians of Essa Nagri protest outside the Karachi Press Club
Christians of Essa Nagri protest outside the Karachi Press Club

According to reports, on 26th of June a group of extremists allegedly led by a man known as Muhammad Akhtar Ali bulldozed the security walls of Street number 3 of Essa Nagri by force spreading terror among the residents. These walls were built in 2012 when this same group allegedly killed five youngsters from the local Christian community.

As reported this extremist group of forcibly enters Essa Nagri and demand money from local Christian shopkeepers and various other local Christians. If someone is reluctant to pay them, they would persecute that person publicly oftentimes shooting them dead.


The distressed local Christians reached an NGO for help thus approached the local police station to launch an FIR against the extremists and their alleged leader. As the NGO claims the SHO of the police station was reluctant to take action and paid no attention to their request. Later on the incident was brought before the Deputy Superintendent of Police and Deputy Commissioner of Karachi East but thus far no one has taken notice of this incident to take due legal action against the nominated culprits.


Seeing no hope, the locals in company with the NGO officials approached the Wing Commander Rangers on 27th of June and requested him to provide protection from continues assaults by the extremist group led by Muhammad Akhtar Ali as they stated: he was continuously threatening to burn down Churches in Essa Nagri.


Karachi city is under operation clean up against criminals and terrorists conducted by Sindh Rangers and Karachi Police but protection of Christians is not important for law enforcement agencies when five Christians have been already murdered in Essa Nagri and Christians were feeling safe after construction of security walls. A representative of the NGO said: We also nominate Terrorist Akhtar Ali because he threats our community on the behalf of terrorists. Muhammad Akhtar Ali says that they will burn the all Christian community of Essa Nagri, because he has hordes of arms and ammunition and no any force can protect Christian from him. Muhammad Akhtar Ali also claims that they have power and good relations with higher authorities.


Later on 27th of June, local Christians and activists from a Human Rights organization staged a protest in front of the Karachi Press Club holding banners and raising slogans while demanding the Chief Minister of Sindh to provide them protection from the extremist group. They also urged upon the Director General Sindh Rangers and Inspector General of Sindh police to take action against the alleged leader of the extremist group arresting him immediately. The protestors demanded that the security walls be built as son as possible so as to curb possible entry of these extremists in the Christian colony in future.