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Christians of Jospeh Colony Traumatized


LAHORE: A month past; the tragic incident of Joseph Colony arson leaves many traumatized.

Joseph Colony- Lahore
Joseph Colony- Lahore

On March 9th this year a mob rampaged through the Joseph Colony– a Christian locality while the local police precincts in a nearby go down. The infuriated masses looted and torched every house in the area, sparing none.

Amid anger and bereavement, there are visible signs of trauma as well. A traumatized middle-aged woman Polly says,” they burnt down our houses, they burnt our Bibles. You should have seen the way we had to run. Women and children, running some children weren’t even wearing shoes. Please don’t ask…. We were in a very bad way.”

Another affectee, Lubna says,” I saw it with my own eyes; they were laughing as they destroyed everything.”