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Christians of Pakistan May Face New Threats


International media is eyeing the Christians of Pakistan and have predicted that Pakistani Christians are likely to face a new wave of violence in times to come.

The Christian community in Pakistan itself feels exposed to radical Islamist ideologies that are prevailing in the nation. These reports are surfacing after the recent death of Nauman Masih and a fresh wave of violence targeting Christian children by Muslim hardliners.

Ranked third on the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) by the Institute for Economics and Peace, Pakistan is a known hub of extremism. More often than not, Christ-followers and other religious minorities serve as an easy target for jihadist wrath.

However, terrorists are not the only ones are attacking the Christians living in Pakistan but, mainstream residents, as well as the police, are taking an attitude against Christians that is full of animosity and hostility,” says Forgotten Missionaries International (FMI) Executive International Director, Bruce Allen.
Senior CBN blogger Gary Lane also expressed his fears by saying, “More acts of violence and intimidation against Pakistan’s small Christian minority are expected in the days ahead. Keep praying that God will protect them, and give them the courage and strength to endure this recent wave of persecution.”

In a few months we the wrath of Muslim hardliners has been seen. The burning of Joseph colony, death of Shama and Shahzad who were thrown into a brick kiln alive, the lynching of Sunny Masih, who was attacked by a Muslim mob who threw him into a flaming kiln because he was a Christian. The victim sustained extensive burns but miraculously escaped the incident alive, according to The Daily Mail. Youahanbad attacks and lynching of Nouman Masih are just a few cases that made headlines.

Followers of Christ have been long persecuted in Pakistan but the ride still remains bumpy for them.