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Christians Persecution around the Globe Increasing 2017


The sacrifice of Christian martyrs is a testimony and foundation for strong faith in God. In different regions Christians are being persecuted for their faith in various ways.

Christians Persecution around the Globe Increasing

1- Sharoon Masih 15 living in Burewala, south Punjab of Pakistan brutally tortured by some of his classmates for converting to Islam. Showers of punches and kicks killed the young boy for saying ‘no’ in their offer of conversion. His school staff took hospitalized him but doctor confirmed his barbaric murder. Later Sharoon’s lawyer called his murdered Christian persecution.

Similarly, a Christian sanitary worker Irfan Masih died in Umerkot who became unconscious on his duty. He was brought to hospital where doctors refused to touch his filthy body during Ramdan.

A blashemy victim Asia Bibi spent her nine years of life in prison. She was falsely accused of blasphemy.

2- Helena Agnieszka Kmiec 26 Catholic, living in Poland went to Bolivia as Jesus’ missionary. Two invaders whom she recognized stabbed her 14 times. Those men were about to rob the religious people of the Servant of Mother of God.

Christian missionaries in Latin America confront challenges. This region has become grieveous for Christian missionaries. In 2017 eleven missionaries died including eight priests.

Poor 3- Nigerian Christians become victim of Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram. Three catechumens who were preparing for bishop’s visit were killed by the terrorist’s group women who detonated themselves.

In China 4- Bishop Sylvester Li Jiantang was imprisoned with hard labor for 14 years and Bishop Paul Xie Tingxzhe was imprisoned too for 20 years with hard labor for establishing Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association.

Bishop John Liu Shi-gong pushed for labor during the Cultural Revolution. Bishop Casimir Wang Milu of Tianshui spent Episcopal ministry in prison. They all have died but throughout their life worked for Christianity. The above mentioned bishops have died but are living martyrs for whole Christian community. There are many more Chinese missionaries who were deprived of from free religious practice in China.

In 5- Philippines 8 Christian construction workers were captured by Maute group affiliated to ISIS. These poor workers were moving to Iligan city from Marawi when terrorist group murdered them for not professing Islamic faith.

Earlier this militants’ group abducted Filipino Catholic priest Teresito “Chito” with 23 other Catholic people and imprisoned them for 117 days.

In India 6- Sultan Masih 47 a Pentecostal priest of the Temple of God church in Ludhiana was shot dead by two motor cyclists. His daughter told that her father was threatened many times on internet and phone calls to stop preaching Christianity. In the year 2017 Christian community faced violent attacks by Hindu extremists in India.

The most oppressive place for Christian community is 7- North Korea where the Christians’ persecution cases are uncountable. They are tried to burn alive, forced abortion, torture, rape, deliberately starved and even sentenced to death for practicing religious rites. In this communist society ‘Songbun’ system ranks people on the basis of religion. According to this system Christianity secured last position.

In 8- Egypt 9 Christians were killed by a Jihadi (militant) in a church of Cairo. Hundreds of Coptic Christians who are in large number in the Middle East had been murdered by ISIS in 2017.

In Cameroon which is on the Gulf of Guinea is a Central African country. 9- Bishop Jean Marie Benoît Bala was living in town Bafia. On 2 June, 2017 his dead body was found in the Sanaga River which was tortured, murdered and then thrown into the river by some unknown culprits. Since last few decades many Catholic missionaries were found mysteriously dead in Cameroon which are later presented as suicidal cases.

In Mali Karangasso a Colombian Christian missionary, Sister 10- Gloria Cecilia Narváez Argoty was abducted and raped by Al Qaeda terrorists group. A video got viral on social media in July 2017 in which the nun Gloria is shown captivated by militants. Yet there is no concrete information about her.