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Christians Persecution in Nigeria in Board day light


Religion sweeping is happening in Nigeria where Christian were slaughters during the day time when the Christian community was making preparation for church.

Christians Massacre in 15 Villages of Nigeria

According to the Open Doors charity organization the gang with arms demolished the Christian believer’s houses. They did this with the help of the Nigerian authorities.

A Nigerian Christian told that the armed men attacked Christians during the day time. This brutal attack was committed by Fulani which is the largest African radical group. Another eye witness said that Christians required life protection from Nigerian leaders otherwise the people of Lord will continue losing their lives.

An Open Doors spokesperson told that gang chased and massacre the enfeebled Christian believers. The assailant burnt 9 churches and many houses of the poor people.

In Nigeria Christians are persecuted for their faith and the situation is getting worsened with the cruelty of assailant religious teaching.

According to the witness of the event, in Muslim majority country Nigeria the government authorities keep silent at the barbarous act of militants.

The Fulani gang carried out their violent attack on the innocent people and stayed there for many hours without any fear.

Earlier this year cruel attacks took place in the state of Adamawa. Similarly,in Nasarawa state, 25 villages have been destroyed since January 15.

Benue State and the Middle Belt region of Nigeria were also remained under severe attacks . To control the violence in some areas the Army has been deployed.

Open Doors Spokesperson said that Jesus followers are confronting prejudice and violence by the Islamic militant groups in Nigeria. In the result of these violent attacks Christians have lost their properties and lives.

Nigerian government has become weak due to corruption. Ethnic groups enmity and Fulani people attack caused Christians’ persecution. Moreover the people who are converted to Christianity confront no acceptance by their Muslim families rather they are pressurized to abandon their new faith.