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Christians Protested Against Lucifer Sculpture in Greece


Phylax is an old Greek word which means guardian or protector. The sculpture is placed in Trokadero near Floisvos Marina which is located between two churches. These chapels are Agios Georgios and Agia Skepi in old Poseidonos Avenue in Greece.

It was installed on 5 December. 17. The local Municipality named it the “guardian-angel” of the suburb in south Athens. A social media report states that a shipping family known as the Martinos gave this statue in donation.

Christians Protested Against Lucifer Sculpture

This sculpture invoked Christian community’s anger that sprinkled white paint over it to hurt it and some unknown people cut the wires in order reduce its power which make it shine at night. The Christians accused this figure a satanic image of Lucifer or the fallen angel which is a black magic agent.

The statue is a red colored naked male with wings in sitting position.

A parish priest Patapios Argyros wrote in a letter to the city mayor. In this letter he wrote openly that this statue is a satanic figure or a demon which is a clear depiction of blasphemy to the Holy Trinity. Its presence is offensive for the Christians and Orthodox faith. The parish priest further guided over hundreds of parishioners to raise their voices against this red Lucifer sculpture in a procession form. He sprinkled holy water on the statue to cut down its power as done in exorcism.

Christians Protested Against Lucifer Sculpture

On the other hand the artist Kostis Georgiou who made this apple of discord, is happy since his artifact raised controversy and led people indifferent from each other.

Different critics interpret this piece of art in their own way. According to Georgious this statue’s red color represents that the Christian opponents are in fact anti- Christ from their souls.

Presently the local municipality tried to calm down the furious Christians by saying that according to Christian faith Phylax is not a protector or watcher which can act like a guardian angel hence do not call this sculpture guardian angel.