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Christians should be offcially called “Masihi” instead of “Esaayi” directs NADRA


National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) issues orders regarding use of Masihi for Christians instead of Esaayi, in the column for Religion. In this regard, Christian MPA Shakeel Ivan Khokhar has struggled greatly to get this directive officially issued from NADRA.

Christians called and termed Masihi instaed of Esaayi in NADRA records

In keeping with details, Member of Punjab Assembly Shakeel Ivan Khokhar, had written a petition to the Director of National Database and Registration Authority Headquarter in Islamabad, Muhammad Javed Iqbal in order to issue directions regarding the use of Masihi for Christians in the NADRA forms, data and records.

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Additionally, NADRA Director has given orders to all the government departments to use the word, “Masihi” for Christians in the column for religion in official forms and documentations. All the government departments are directed to call Christians Masihi.

This notification comes as a welcoming news for the Christians in Pakistan as they had been demanding for this change on official levels since quite some time. However, owing to the tireless efforts of the MPA Shakeel Ivan Khokhar this demand has been met by the NADRA Headquarters Islamabad Director. Previously, Christians had been called an documented “Esaayi” in the official forms and the same word was used in the column for Religion in forms.