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Christians should keep aside their phones and enjoy meals with families says, Pope Francis


Pope Francis

The tradition of family meal should be pursued by Christians in modern times, says Pope Francis.

In keeping with details, Pope Francis has urged today’s Christians to enjoy meals with their families. He said that, Christians should continue the tradition of a family meal. They should set aside their smart phones, switch off their televisions to get pleasure from the “fundamental experience” of sharing food.

“The sharing of a meal and therefore, other than of food, also of affections, of stories, of events is a fundamental experience,” the Pontiff said in his weekly audience in St. Peter’s Square.

While talking with his audience, Pope Francis said that sitting around the table will certainly help evaluate the strength of relationships. He said, “If in a family there’s something that doesn’t work, or a hidden wound, at the table it’s understood immediately.”

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At this occasion, he offered few suggestions for Christians, which they should keep in mind during their meal times. He said that during the meal times, people should put aside their phones, switch off their TVs and get rid of any type of distractions which may hinder them enjoying their meal with families.

He said that, it can barely be called a family meal, when family members “barely ever eat together, or a family which doesn’t talk at the table but watches television, or a smart phone.”

Pope Francis encouraged Christian families to talk and listen to one another over dinner and steer clear of generous spending on food. “In rich countries, we are persuaded to spend excessively on excessive nourishment, and then we do so again to remedy the excess. And this senseless affair diverts our attention from real hunger, of the body and the soul.”

The pontiff is widely known to recoil from modern technology. He is known for not to browse the Internet or watch TV. However, in July, earlier this year, the Pontiff was convinced by his staff to use a tablet computer to sign up for World Youth Day.