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Christians should not support any political leader: PCC Chief


KARACHI: The president of Pakistan Christian Congress declares Christians do not adhere to any of the Muslim political leader


Pakistan Christian Congress
Pakistan Christian Congress

These views came across by the President of Pakistan Christian Congress (PCC) – Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, in reaction to the formal meeting of Christian political and religious leaders with Former President of Pakistan, General (Rtd.) Pervez Musharaf.

In his communique’, Dr. Bhatti seemed to be exasperated on the fact that General Musharaf had introduced the “selection” system for the seats reserved for the minorities in the National Assembly. He went on to say,” General (Rtd.) Pervez Musharraf as the President of Pakistan stabbed at back of Christian nation by abolishing their right to elect their representation in parliament with their votes and imposed Joint Electorate which empowered Muslim political parties to Select their representatives of their choice.”


Dr. Bhatti further said that, “When Christians are demanding Elections instead Selection system imposed by Pevez Musharraf and have announced to boycott elections 2013, held under imposed Selection system, the meeting of Christian leaders and section of Christian clergy with Pervez Musharraf are very surprising for common Christian in Pakistan.”


Previously, the religious minorities in Pakistan adhered to the “Separate Electorate” from 1985 till 1997. During this epoch, the minorities had been electing their representatives in the National and Provincial Assemblies of Pakistan until the regime of General Pervez Musharaf, explained Dr. Bhatti. He further grumbled that General Musharaf altered the separate election system to “selection” system which has now become a bone of contention to the constituency.


At this occasion, the Pakistan Christian Congress Premier clarified that Christians of Pakistan are a nation and not at all a community. He said that Christians are the sons of this soil and ought to have due share in all available resources of the country – which so far have been denied to them. This deprivation of Christians is not in favor of national solidarity neither in the integrity of Pakistan. Pakistan was not created merely for Islam or Muslims but for Christians and all other religious communities also. Christians of that time had also played an instrumental role in creation of Pakistan as they voted in favor of creation of Pakistan, Dr. Nazir S  Bhatti asserted.