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Christians stand up for Rohingyas censuring human rights abuses


Pakistani Christians stand up against atrocities being committed in Myanmar. Raising their voice against human rights abuses against Rohingya Muslims, Christians staged a protest in the Capital. They urged the international community to act in order to thwart violence and save lives of Rohingyas.

Rohingya Muslims

As condemnation continues to pour in from international community, Pakistani Christians also staged a protest in front of National Press Club in Islamabad. Christians from all walks of life took part in this protest. They urged the international community to provide security to the Rohingya Muslims who are facing systematic genocide.

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The protesters said that the killings of Rohingya Muslims can be termed as a genocide which needs to be checked. Addressing the gathering, Christian lawyer Advocate Sheheryar Shams Chairman of Pakistan’s Christian Citizen Forum said that Rohingya Muslims were declared foreigners on unfair and illegal terms.

He said that Rohingyas were illegally deprived of their nationality. Moreover, they were not being accepted by either Myanmar or Bangladesh. He said that out of 60 million total population of Myanmar, there are 25 percent religious minorities including 22 percent Muslims. The protesters were carrying placards while they chanted slogans government and military of Myanmar for carrying out inhumane violence against Rohingyas.

Myanmar military has storming against Rohingyas nestled in the Rakhine State of Myanmar. It has been reported that military has been burning homes, wrecking entire villages, threatening and intimidating and forcing Rohingya Muslims out of the region. News emerged that Rohingya women have been raped and countless killed during this drive. Reports emerged that dead bodies of Rohingyas were burnt in order to wipe away evidence of violence.

The Rohingya, an ethnic group majority comprises of Muslims. They have lived in Myanmar’s Rakhine State for centuries but have suffered and repressed under Burmese government. In 1980s they were officially deprived of their citizenship by the military. United Nations acknowledges that Rohingyas have endured killings, torture and mass rape. Since August 25, at least 270,000 Rohingya have fled from Burma. Total number of refugees entering Bangladesh since October 2016, has risen to more than 450,000.