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Christians to boycott Elections 2013


KARACHI: Three Christian political parties join Pakistan Christian Congress in the “Elections 2013 boycott” campaign.

Elections 2013

The President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC  Dr. Nazir S Bhatti,has gladly received three Christian Political parties to join PCC in the boycott expedition.

The Chief of PCC has made it clear that, Christian political parties should boycott the upcoming Elections without any guarantee of abolition of the “blasphemy law” and the “Dual Voting Rights for Minorities.”


Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, further remarked on claims of Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain about allocation of dual voting rights to minorities by PML-Q during their tenure. Dr. Nazir stated,  “The PML (Q) which was ally party of Pervez Musharraf after national general of 2013, gave right to elect their representatives in local government but in National Assembly of Pakistan and Provincial Assemblies religious minorities were denied their right to elect their MNA and MPA with their votes and substandard Selection system was practiced.”


He further whined, “Christians and other religious parties have nothing for their social and economic uplift in these elections being held under Selection system instead of Elections on their reserved seats and their decision to participate in such elections and their decision to Boycott is just.”


Dr. Nazir S Bhatti further grumbled that the Christians supporting PML-N, PML-Q, PPP and PTI are literally playing with the destiny of Christians in Pakistan, without being aware of it. In addition, he complained that as the violence against Christians augmented, none of these effectually provisioned the Christian community in Punjab against the abuse of blasphemy law.


The Pakistan Christian Congress Premiere stated that eight leading Christian political parties have united with PCC in the boycott campaign while more parties are expected to conjoin as the Elections Day draws nigh. He declared that the 11th May will be observed as “Black Day.”