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Christians Under Frequent Attacks In South-Indian State


Christians in the South-Indian State, continue to be convulsed; as they live their Christian faith in the most acrimonious sate of India.

Christians in Karnataka under frequent attacks

Not a week goes by, without a Christian being attacked in Karnataka; a South-Indian State. The assaults on Christians have deepened the sense of insecurity amongst the native Christians. This year, more than forty cases of brutal attacks on Christians have been registered, and the number keeps mounting. Christians make up 1.9% of total, 61 million people in Karnataka. It is the small town Christians, who mostly bear the ache of aggression.


International Christian Concern (ICC), brings word that these assaults are not only recurrent but barbarous. The incidence of Pastor Samuel Kim; of Jerusalem Prayer House in Kannur village in eastern Kolar district, explicates it all.

Pastor Kim, who was accused of converting Hindus to Christianity, lay motionless in a Hospital of Kolar district, severely injured; bearing the pain of a broken rib and neck, bruised all over; as a consequence of a savage attack by Right Wing Hindus. The Pastor reports, “Five extremists came near my bed, started to strangle me, and brought a razor to slit my throat,” however they ran away when they heard people approaching.

The New Delhi-based Evangelical Fellowship of India, articulates that Karnataka, has been the most unfavorable state for Christians for the last four years.

The World Evangelical Alliance, lately, cautioned in their report that the incidences of attacks on Christians in Karnataka might increase.

Despite, the persecution, the ministers outlast, faithfully ministering to their congregations.
By Madeeha Shakeel