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Christians urged to be true to the Biblical teachings of “welcome the strangers”


refugees crisis

Amidst ever increasing fear of refugees, especially after the Paris attacks, Christians are urged to show compassion to refugees as Bible teaches them.

The World Council of Churches (WCC) has been urging Christians all over the world to be true to the Biblical teachings on “welcome the stranger.” In a workshop which lasted for a week, great emphasis was laid on the multiculturalism, mission and ministry. This workshop concluded on Friday, November 13; just few hours before the terrorist attacks in Paris. This workshop was held in Geneva.

A weeklong workshop that concluded in Geneva on Friday, hours before the terrorist attacks in Paris, focussed on multiculturalism, ministry and mission.

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This five days long workshop was attended by twenty five participants who came from thirteen different countries. The conference started on November 9 till November 13. The conference was aimed to discover possible ways to prop up multicultural dialogue and similar activities at the Parish and community levels.

The main purpose of this conference was to furnish the ordained priests and lay people with means and ways to work in an increasingly diverse cultural communities.

The programme featured Theological edification, liturgy, and intergenerational dynamics in migrant churches. The target was to persuade the established churches as well as the migrant churches to triumph over dread and misgivings about people from different religions, cultures and communities. They were trained to fashion wide-ranging and convivial communities.

This workshop was organised by Katalina Tahaafe-Williams, who is in charge of World Churches Council’s migration and multicultural mission programme. Moreover, the Presbyterian Church of the U.S.A and the United Church of Canada also co-sponsored this programme.