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Christians urged to render efforts for national advancement much the same as notable Christian leaders of freedom movement


Human Rights campaigner and legal expert Advocate Sooba Bhatti, has urged Pakistani Christians to be diligent in to put in their efforts for the national progression. In a message to Pakistani Christians, he pointed out that the Christians are supposed to use their votes in a fair way as he sternly condemned the Christian leaders who are involved in defaming Christianity by engaging in reprehensible activities.

Christians in Pakistan

In his message he stated that his message is directed for all such Christians who take up vile and depraved activities in order to please political parties eventually bringing bad reputation for Christianity. He said that all such who barter national benefits for their personal gains must be hooked. “I am not pointing fingers at my nation, only trying to highlight shortcomings in society.”

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We must endeavor along the lines of struggles rendered by renowned Christian leaders of freedom movement. He highlighted the role of Dewaan Bahadur S.P. Singha in Pakistan movement, and advised modern Pakistani Christians to follow the paradigm of S.P. Singha.

He further censured inadequate representation of religious minorities saying that Quetta has a total of 10,000 Christian populations, yet there are only 2 Christian MNA’s and 2 MPA’s from Christian community. He pointed out to the fact that there is significant number of Christian population in Hyderabad, Karachi and Jamshoro yet there are no Christian MPA’s and MNA’s hailing from these cities.

Minorities are still being lured for 10 seats in the National Assembly-which by no means are justified considering minorities’ populations. Even then, ruling parties decide which minorities’ candidates are to be selected for the reserved seats instead of minorities allowed to elect their representatives themselves.

Expressing deep apprehension over the fact that there is no Christian lawmaker hailing from Sindh, in any unfortunate event Christian MNA’s and MPA’s will not be able to represent Christians from Sindh as passionately as ones from Christian community from Sindh. Christians in Sindh do not have leadership of their own nor do they have their representatives in Sindh Assembly or National Assembly.