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Christians urged to stay committed to their faith and pray against the same-sex marriage corruption


gays target Christians in UK

Nigerian priest urges for fervent prayers against the promotion of same-sex marriage idea.

According to details, Bishop Camillus Etokudoh of Port Harcourt has urged all Christians to remain committed to their Christian faith and pray passionately against the endorsement of social evils that are impacting negatively on family and cultural values.

According to the bishop, “The world is changing everyday with several challenges to the spiritual, pastoral, moral and values of life and cultures of the society in the name of scientific or societal development.”

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He expressed serious alarm on the outcome of the acknowledgment given to same sex marriage in America and Ireland. He described the same sex marriage as an abomination and an abnormality of societal values and dishonour of human dignity.

He remarked, “The truth will always be there for those following the way of God. Culturally and spiritually, marriage is a union between a man and a woman. God is still in control. This phenomenon will come and go; but the truth will always remain.”

He therefore, advised all Christians to remain unfaltering in their faith and be prayerful to respond to the social and moral lewdness that causes serious challenges to the protection of the dignity of the human person, peaceful development, justice and justness in the society.