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Christians Want To Be A Part Of Sindh’s Provisional Government


Activists of an NGO under Christians insist on representation of their community in the provincial government.

On Wednesday, speaking to a press conference at Karachi Press Club, they mentioned that out of the nine parliamentarians reserved seats for minorities in the Sindh Assembly, only one seat belongs to the Christians. They believed that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) was ignoring them.

only one Christian MPA
“There is only one Christian MPA in the assembly and he too belongs to a party in the opposition,” complained Liaquat Munawwar Masih.

While protesting Liaquat Munawwar Masih, the president of Mission and Action for Social Services (Mass) said that “There is only one Christian Member in Provisional Assembly and he too represents a party in the opposition. We have no representation in the government.”


He mentioned that they want equal opportunities and resources in the government just like the Hindu community. “We are not against the Hindus enjoying power but as a large minority community, we also wish to have some say in the government and be a part of it.” He said that at present there were two ministries in the provincial assembly, which were being controlled by Hindus.


Masih said that because of no Christian representative in the assembly, they were facing a number of difficulties as their problems were not being lift up or paid attention to. “There is no developmental work in our areas and no one is there to highlight our plight.”

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Co-Chairperson of PPP had expressed that he desired to see a Christian prime minister someday. “He should be aware that in his own province, there is no parliamentarian who is a Christian.