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Christmas Festivity: An Australian Registers A World Record By Installing 502,165 Decorative Lights


CANBERRA: A family sets a new record for putting up most Christmas lights on their home.

World Record By Installing 502,165 Decorative Lights 2
World Record set for most Christmas lights

The Australian family has recently created a world record for the number of Christmas lights put up on a home. The Richards family residents of Canberra, Australia, have amazingly installed 502,165 lights all over their house and garden. David Richards the incredible record holder is a barrister by profession. He stated that he started work on stringing the 48 kilometres of wires all over his house and garden in early October. Moreover, David Richards has earlier held the world record with 330,000 lights in 2011 nonetheless his record was broken last year by a family in New York.


This epic Christmas decoration will be put on show, which is expected to be seen by tens of thousands of visitors; importantly funds will be raised for a children’s charity. However David Richards told a local newspaper that,” Part of my motivation for spending almost every weekend working on the project was to reclaim the record.” On the other hand, the family from New York had bypassed Richard’s record by managing 15,000 more lights than Richards’ previous record last year, which made him resolute and feel at ease as he saw it as an easy target to achieve.

David Richards is a father-of-three, added, ‘’It was sort of a reason to do it again and they didn’t break it by very much. I thought 500,000 was a nice, round number so I decided to go all out because I may never do it again.’’ A representative from Guinness World Records subsequently visited Richard’s on Sunday while confirming the achievement the following day. The spectacular exhibit has become so accepted; one couple even got married under it. Patrick Cormac married Richards’ cousin Luana Marriott at the house on Saturday under a blanket of white lights. “It was amazing,” he exclaimed.

David Richards said,”Most of our neighbours supported the display, but some had not spoken to me since the last record was set.” He said he bought all the lights himself nonetheless, he keeps the cost veiled. Additionally the extra cost (around £1,400 per month) to his electricity bill is being met by a green energy company.