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Christmas Festivity In Lahore


Christians in Lahore celebrated Christmas with traditional festivity, freezing weather could not wind down, the fervor.

Christmas festivity in Lahore

Christmas festivities began as the month started; the celebrations were at peak at Christmas Eve.Midnight mass services were held at various Churches in the city. The Christian Community in Lahore attended the Christmas services in considerable numbers.

Christmas Day started, with Christmas mass services in local Churches. The prime service was conducted at the Cathedral Church,Mall Road,Lahore. Bishop Irfan Jamil, led the congregation. Church choir enchanted Christmas carols, as the congregation worshipped their Lord.

Bishop of  Lahore, wished joy to the Christian community and said, “Christians have no monopoly over Jesus Christ… Jesus Christ belongs to all. Forces of evil and darkness could not extinguish the light that Jesus Christ has lit in the world through his life and teachings.” Bishop Jamil, also prayed for solidarity and peace in Pakistan