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Christmas is a time to experience the presence of God, says a Pakistani priest


Pakistani Christians

Karachi: Christmas is a time for experiencing presence of God, says a Pakistani priest.

According to details, Father Arthur Charles, Director of the Catechetical Centre of Karachi, had recently sent a letter to Fides, saying that while the Pakistani Christians are getting ready to celebrate Christmas, they must realize it is the time to stay awake.

In his letter to fides, Father Arthur Charles stated that Advent for the believers in Pakistan is a time to “stay awake”, “which is special a time of renewal and spiritual growth, a time to experience the presence of God that guides us every day.”

Recently, Father Arthur Charles, had held a singular meeting which was to chalk out plans for the preparation for this Advent season. The meeting was attended by more than 800 actively participating priests, Christian leaders, seminarians and lay Christian people.

Fides reported that the central theme of this meeting was to discuss the preparation which needs to be taken on in order to celebrate this year’s Advent Season. At this occasion, priests who had gathered for the discussion addressed the attendees.

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At this occasion, Archbishop Emeritus Evarist Pinto while addressing the attendees, summoned up that Advent “is a time, a season to prepare your heart and mind to Christmas and wait for Christ.”

Moreover, while continuing his discourse the Archbishop Emeritus Evarist Pinto, called upon all the Christian believers to a “devout and joyful wait” that values the symbols like the crib and is not only “taken by the commercial and consumerist fury.”

“It is not easy even in Pakistan to remain faithful to the true spirit of Advent”, he commented, while recollecting that a Christian “is a witness of Jesus the Saviour of the world.”

Furthermore, the Archbishop urged all the Christian believers to spend more time in prayer: for instance attending church services on weekdays, and praying every day. “Advent, in this year of mercy,” he concluded, “is also a favourable time for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.”