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Christmas is all about loving others says a Christian lawmaker


Christian MPA William Barkat has reiterated that loving others is the spirit of Christmas. “We must propagate the true meaning of loving others and bearing each other with patience and tolerance,” he said. The lawmaker said this while addressing a community function held in order to celebrate the festivity of Christmas.

Pakistani Christian lawmakers

MPA William Jan Barkat was attending a Christmas celebration party organized by the Christian community of the Barkat Colony, Nawan Kalli. During his address he emphasized on the fact that Christians must play a vital role in creating and sustaining social harmony in the country. “Each and every Pakistani needs to nurture brotherly love and tolerance in his surroundings.”

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Member of Baluchistan Assembly William Barkat further asserted that all must be instrumental in curbing the social issues prevalent in our society. “Christmas spreads the message of love- love to all humanity,” he said.

At this occasion, he extended his heartiest Christmas wishes to the Christian community and prayed for a prosperous and peaceful new year ahead. He assured all the residents of Barkat Colony that he will strive to his utmost to make sure that all the civic facilities are available for them. The event was concluded with a feast held in order to celebrate the festive season.