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Christmas is celebration of God’s Mercy, I forgive my persecutors says Asia Bibi


Asia Bibi

Pakistan’s first ever female citizen on death row Asia Bibi says she forgives her persecutors.

According to details, blasphemy accused Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi who has been on death row has said that she forgives her persecutors. On Christmas Eve her family was allowed to visit her in jail. Her family reports her saying,” Jesus made this happy day for me and has accepted my prayers. I’m excited and full of joy in meeting today my family and celebrate Christmas with you.”

This was her seventh Christmas behind the bars, since she had been accused and convicted of committing blasphemy. In line with Paolo Affatato in the Italian newspaper La Stampa, Bibi reported that dejected family of Asia Bibi consisting of her husband and five children visited her in prison on Christmas Eve.

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“Christmas is the celebration of God’s mercy. I forgive my persecutors, those who have falsely accused me, and I await their forgiveness.”

While remarking about the charges she has been convicted of Asia Bibi said, “Honestly I could never even think of disrespect. But, although I have been in prison for seven years, I do not hate those who did me wrong.”

“I pray,” she continued saying, “that the Holy Prophet Muhammad will bestow wisdom on his followers so that peace can go on being built around the world. I pray that Jesus Christ will grant peace to the whole world.” At this occasion, Asia Bibi also urged Christians all over the world, to pray for her while at the same time she beseeches the Supreme Court to look into her case as soon as possible.

While speaking in this regard, Provincial Minister for Minorities and Human Rights in Punjab – Khalil Tahir Sindhu, who is a lawyer as well, says he has been following Asia Bibi’s case said she is a “paradigm” at Christmas for Christians living in Pakistan. Such people, he said were “proponents of a message of harmony and hope.”